Bringing Excellence to giving

Business for Better Society (BBS) exists to make giving to charity ethical and easy, while building partnerships for purposeful and sustainable impact.








We Do The Legwork So You Don't Have To

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  • Accountability

    100% of donations made through BBS go to those in need. We have no administrative costs. No overhead. This is because BBS’s founding team have covered all of our operational costs with their own financial pledges and through for-profit initiatives they have established to create dependable funding for our work.

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  • Exploring

    The adventurous team at BBS are relentless in our efforts to find truly meaningful causes and innovators to get behind. This is why we are rarely satisfied with second hand knowledge. Whether it’s 4x4ing through the mountains of Afghanistan or climbing through rubble in post-earthquake Haiti, we make a point of seeing things with our own eyes. Rumours of worthwhile causes are good, first-hand knowledge is better.

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  • Vetting

    Knowing which charities to trust can be a challenge. This is why we do the legwork for you by putting boots on the ground and walking each of our potential charities through meticulous vetting processes. Financials, leadership teams, short and long term strategies, funding pools...we know our charities inside and out and promote those with only the utmost integrity.

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  • Mentoring

    We mentor non-profits, companies, public figures and volunteers alike on how to do charity with excellence. Within this supportive ecosystem we witnesses win-win results for all of our partners.

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  • Volunteering

    We believe everyone has something to give. This is why our volunteer database helps plug volunteers into projects where they can make a real difference. Whether you’re an acrobat or an executive, there is an organisation out there waiting for someone with your unique skill set.

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  • Resourcing

    While cash may be king, there are equally valuable donations waiting to be made. IT services, internships, transportation, tangible supplies, networking, information sharing, and even something as simple as a phone call offering advice can prove invaluable to hard working teams on the ground. This is why we are constantly connecting resources so we can all achieve more together.

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  • Partnering

    We love playing cupid when it comes to matchmaking donors with causes. Individual volunteers with time to give, companies wanting to grow their CSR activities, someone with some spare change to contribute, or philanthropists hungry for their next globe-trotting adventure, we are here to make the perfect match.

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  • Sharing

    Our ongoing contact with each project and its teams means we update our partners with the immediate impact their support is making, when and where it happens. No more mysteries about where donations went or struggling to update your communities with your charitable efforts. For BBS, transparency is paramount and we go out of our way to meet requests for media content, stories, internal reports, and tools to help spread the word.

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  • Grantmaking

    We offer grant-making from our funds and from those of our donors in our ongoing commitment to nurture innovation, pioneer new fields, expand access to and distribution of resources, and, ultimately, to generate sustainable impact on individuals, institutions, and communities in need.

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