We're Here to Help You Navigate the CSR Space

How it Works

First, choose to include CSR in your business strategy.

Then share with us a region you would like to give back to or a vulnerable
group you wish to support. We will use this information and our global networks to identify the
match that’s right for you.

You Decide Your Role

Tell us your budget and then let us help you do more. 

Want employee engagement? We will oversee volunteer programs for your team.
Have executives willing to mentor change agents in the field?
Let us make sure their knowledge goes to where it is needed most.

Let Us Give Back to You

We will help you share your CSR journey.

All of our projects follow strict methods of assessment and reporting.
We will collect this information and combine it with impactful visuals
so you are equipped to share your CSR project with your community in an
exciting and meaningful way.

Need Help With the Big Picture?

100% of your donations go to those in need, but we can do more.  

If you realise your company needs additional support developing
your wider CSR strategy or PR plan, we are happy to refer you to our partner PR firm or liaise with the PR firm
of your choice. We are here to help you to strengthen both your business and your CSR cause.

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