About BBS


Business for Better Society (BBS) exists to make giving ethical and easy, while building partnerships for purposeful and sustainable impact.

As a global foundation, we achieve this by matching corporations and individuals, their funds and/or skills, with purposeful, sustainable and high impact non-profit initiatives that have been fully vetted. Through our work we create responsible partnerships and support a culture of accountability, innovation and greater effectiveness in the non-profit sector.

We have no religious or political affiliations.



the three phases to our partnership program

  • 1. Assessment phase to determine whether a non-profit organisation qualifies for support and to determine their needs.

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  • 2. Accompanying phase to bring like-minded donors and non-profits together on impactful projects, entailing any combination of funding, capacity building, resourcing, strategic guidance and/or technical support.

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  • 3. Monitoring and evaluation phase to keep stakeholders informed and projects on track.

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Our diverse global business network and our relationships at the highest levels of these organisations;

Our commitment to partner with non-profit organisations not because of their sector of focus, but based on how they work to generative positive and sustainable impact;

Our promise that 100% of donations received go directly to grants and programs, not to admin;

Our commitment to combine grant giving and/or long term sustainable capacity-building, always reporting impact assessments and lessons learned to all stakeholders;

Our organisational structure allows for advice, guidance and accountability from a diverse range of globally influential stakeholders;

We operate within a culture of learning, innovation and experimentation, encouraging risk-taking and generating learning from both successes and failures to shape our future work;

Our focus on creating connections among our grantees by establishing a network of innovative and impactful organisations and individual change-makers that will be able to support each other and share experiences, even after BBS support periods have come to an end.