Champion AIDS Orphans in Uganda

Champion AIDS Orphans in Uganda

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The Work of Bega kwa Bega
Bega kwa Bega (BkB) is a Community based organisation that was founded in 1998 as a response to the number of children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Uganda. Launched by a Ugandan woman and run entirely by Ugandans, the team understand the immense value of having orphans remain in their villages and able to keep their homes and their land. It is for this reason that BkB focus on communities where local villagers support their orphans and have a history of working together. While the efforts that go into safe-guarding the futures and well-beings of orphaned Ugandan children are complex, their key activities are as follows:

Protection of Rights
BkB provides the backing to ensure the legal rights of children to their land and homes is upheld. This not only involves legal support, but also working intimately with village chiefs and elders to keep orphans in their home, among their extended families, and in a familiar environment where they can thrive.

Clean, Available Water 
Over 250 pubic water sources have been built through the efforts of BkB. Villagers help with the construction of these wells and protected springs, and are trained to maintain them. This community inclusion and equipping of skills effectively works to ensure water sources become long-term investments able to help entire communities flourish for the long-term.

BkB operates a mobile clinic that visits over 200 remote villages, providing the only medical intervention most of its patients have experienced. To date, the clinic has treated over 70,000 patients, with its home visits looking after an average of 720 families a year. BkB runs a health education programme alongside this clinic initiative, teaching communities the basics of hygiene, how to prepare more nutritious meals, and general methods of staying healthier.

Agriculture and Nutrition
BkB has established ‘family gardens’ in remote villages as an answer to malnutrition and ill-health. Under BkB’s tutelage, these gardens contribute to higher yields, reduction in hunger and improved nutrition for the children they serve. The organisation also runs an organic demonstration farm as a practical training resource for farmers, teachers and children working in agriculture.

Income Generation
BkB holds regular workshops on business management and skills training, and funds start up assistance for small businesses. A large portfolio of small businesses have been started as a result of this program, creating sustainable income for families across Uganda.

BkB provides education scholarships to orphans and vulnerable children who would not otherwise be able to attend school. Participants of its inaugural class of 1999 are now in post secondary programs. There are a total 96 children sponsored at present.