Fund Female Entrepreneurs in Indonesia

Fund Female Entrepreneurs in Indonesia

Join us in empowering women to being their own bosses and gaining a voice in family finances.

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Pertiwi Women’s Heritage Cooperative is an Indonesian organisation that offers microloans to rural businesswomen who lack affordable access to formal financial systems. One small loan of USD100 can be all a woman needs to start a business that allows her to provide clean water for her family, education for her children, and the right to have a voice in how money is spent within the home.

Typical recipients are mothers with small business ideas, or small businesses that are already in operation and need financial support to be strengthened or expanded. Loans are also available for women to meet needs such as home renovations, medical insurance, higher education programs, etc., that are aimed at reducing poverty and unemployment among villagers.

Pertiwi is a community-focused program where loans are awarded to groups of women so that if one defaults, the remaining borrowers are responsible for her portion. These groups meet with loan facilitators on a weekly basis to make loan repayments and learn about money management. This inclusive community of peer support and sharing has resulted in Pertiwi providing loans to over 2,000 women with a 98% rate of repayment.

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