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Successful Storytelling: 5 foolproof ways to raise money

Mural allows teams to remotely run brainstorms, organize their ideas, create mindmaps, and more.


Toptal connects the top 3% of freelancers – particularly those in design and web development – with businesses and entrepreneurs. This is a great resource for project-based design and development needs.

Graphic Stock
Graphic Stock is an online database of photos, vectors and illustrations available royalty free with a modest annual membership fee.

Google Fonts
Google Fonts is a safe bet when shopping for project fonts. Download font families to use in design files or grab scripts to toss into your code.

Fontface Ninja
Fontface Ninja is a browser extension that helps you identify fonts while browsing a website.

Fontic scans your Photoshop files and outputs a list of all fonts used.

Font Squirrel
Font Squirrel offers a database of all the free fonts your little heart could possibly desire.

What the Font
What the Font helps you identify a mystery font by scanning a files uploaded.

Color Hunt
Color Hunt is Pinterest for colors. Scroll, scroll, scroll through four color combinations.

The Noun Project
The Noun Project is a massive searchable database of icons created by a community of designers. Pay for a membership or give credit to the designer.

to icon 
to icon offers a bunch of free bundles of icons.

Nucleo offers 8000+ searchable, customisable icons, with new icons being added every week.

Icon Store
Icon Store offers free downloadable kits of icons.

Unsplash is a database of beautiful, high-res, free photos for creative use. No awkward office stock photos. Make sure you give credit to the photographer.

Pexels is a large pool of all sorts of free stock photos for creative uses.

The Stocks
The Stocks is a collection of free stock photos from a number of sources.

Death to Stock
Death to Stock is another reaction to trashditional stock photography. Join their mailing list to get new photos every month, or get a membership to access their full archives.

Invision Boards
Invision Boards is a simple tool for creating and presenting mood and brand boards.

Impact Reporting & Assessment

BetterEvaluation is a free online guide that aims to support decision making throughout the process of an evaluation, from planning its purpose and scope, designing it, conducting it, reporting findings and supporting use of its findings.

The Center for Effective Philanthropy
The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) has led the movement to improve philanthropy through a combination of dispassionate analysis and a passionate commitment to improving livesToday, over 300 foundations have used CEP’s assessments to gather honest feedback from their stakeholders in an effort to learn how to be even more effective. Use their services to gain insights into foundation effectiveness on a wide range of topics, from assessing performance to developing strategy to managing stakeholder relationships.

Initially designed for data collection needs of community health workers, Dimagi’s open source platform CommCare enables organisations to create and deploy mobile apps for frontline workers across a variety of sectors. CommCare supports case-based monitoring and runs offline for low-connectivity areas. CommCare allows organisations to configure and deploy their own apps for FLWs without custom programming or dedicated servers.

Magpi is a data collection and messaging application with rich functionalities to address field data collection and broadcast messaging needs, with both free and paid subscription levels. Data can be collected with iOS, Android, or Symbian apps, online, or with two modes of SMS data collection. Integrated satellite data upload is possible for remote or emergency-affected regions with no cellular or wifi capability. Magpi now has both outbound and inbound APIs to allow other apps to either submit data to Magpi or extract collected data from Magpi.

SurveyCTO allows case management and panel surveying.  The tool consists of SurveyCTO Server which hosts all survey forms, SurveyCTO Collect (the mobile data collection app), and SurveyCTO Sync (the desktop software to export data onto your computer). SurveyCTO distinguishes itself among the competitors with its Random Audio Audit capabilities  to ensure high quality data collection.

Ushahidi is a free and open source platform that allows anyone to collect information through web-forms, sms, email, and Android/IOS application and visualise it on the map. Anyone could easily submit information to the map and track information on the map over time, filter the data by the time, and see when and where things happened. The platform needs a hosting to install and setup deployment on the map. It also supports fully customisation both on its content and interface.

Crowdmap Classic
CrowdMap Classic is designed and built by the people behind Ushahidi, a platform that was originally built to crowdsource crisis information.  CrowdMap Classic is a free and open source platform that allows anyone to collect information through web-forms, sms, email, and Android application and visualise it on the map.  Anyone could easily submit information to the map and track information on the map over time, filter the data by the time, and see when and where things happened.  It allows you to set up your deployment map without having install it on the web server.

Resource Map
Resource Map is a free, open-source tool for anyone to make collaborative record, track and analyse resources allocation using a live map.  Resource Map has user friendly interface that works with any computer or cell phone with text messaging capability.  The core features are defining custom forms/fields for sites and tracking the location of the sites geographically, advanced queries on the web, SMS queries, activity tracking, reminders, alerts, and member permissions.  Also, there are a number of APIs in addition to the Native Resource Map API, each that have been developed to respond to particular requirements from categories of users.

Poimapper enables field workers to collect, update and share field data.  The field personnel can carry their field data in a mobile device for browsing and updating the information.  For office personnel, Poimapper enables visualization on interactive maps and tables.  The platform makes fieldwork more efficient and improves the capability to plan and monitor field activities.  The data can be exported into various file types such for Excel, Word, SPSS etc  for further data processing and analysis.  Poimapper also has a reporting function by which various report types such tables, cross tabulations, pie, bar and line charts can be generated.

Microsoft Power BI
This software allows for data to be stored in the cloud or hosted on the user’s computer. Single-view live dashboard is filled with interactive charts, analysis, graphs, and maps. Search function is available to instantly locate a data entry. The output and dashboard are shareable via links to collaborators, e-mail, and distribution options.

DHIS 2 is an open source software combining data capture with data visualisation. This software enables the user to collect, manage and visualise data all in the same application, so users do not have to manage their data elsewhere. DHIS 2 offers comprehensive features, from GIS and Excel sheets to photo and video. It has several interactive features such as a comment section and an SMS reminder.

Tableau Public 10
Tableau Public is one of the most popular data analysis tools for nonprofits all over the world. Packed with graphs, charts, maps and more, Tableau Public is a web platform to help people share and discover data stories, enabling users to communicate their data in an interactive and visual way.

DataHero’s focus is on data visualisation, such as charts, pivot tables, and live dashboard productions. One of its key strengths is that it connects with many cloud-based storage applications for managing the data input including CSV, Excel file, TSV, as well as Salesforce and dozens of other cloud services (Box, Dropbox, Gdrive, etc). This integration of DataHero and other software makes it particularly easy for users to get their data ready for analysis.

Google Fusion Table
Google’s light web application Fusion Table allows users to analyse their data in the simplest way possible. Its analysis output comes in the form charts, maps, network graphs, and cards layout, which allows users to specify their own layout with HTML. Users need internet connection to work on the Google Fusion Tables analysis, but no installation is required. Users also need to manage their data elsewhere, but are able to collect public data tables using Google Tables – a search engine of thousands of public Fusion Tables -or the millions of public tables from around the web that users can import to their own Fusion Tables application.

Qlik Sense
QlikSense uses simple drag-and-drop interfaces to create flexible, interactive data visualisations. It has a built-in search engine to show all data proxy and reveal data relationships between data sets, as well as sharing and collaboration features. While users are able to upload their own spreadsheet, XML, and web page data from Salesforce, MySQL, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other data source, Qlik also provides DataMarket, which enables users to access external data bank and add it to their own analysis.

Publications & Best Practices

Stanford Social Innovation Review: The Promise of Lean Experimentation

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a national publication keeping those involved in the non-profit world informed of the latest developments in funding and other trends impacting the philanthropic world. In addition to news, it offers such service features as lists of grants, fundraising ideas and techniques, statistics, reports on tax and court rulings, summaries of books, and a calendar of events.

Foundation Center
Foundation Center maintains a comprehensive database on U.S. and, increasingly, global grantmakers and their grants — a robust, accessible knowledge bank for the sector. It also operates research, education, and training programs designed to advance knowledge of philanthropy at every level.

YES! Magazine
YES! Magazine is published by the Positive Futures Network, an independent, nonprofit organisation that supports people’s active engagement in creating a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world.

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network
The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network promotes an efficient, viable, and inclusive nonprofit sector that supports the growth, learning, and development of young professionals. YNPN engages and supports future nonprofit and community leaders through professional development, networking and social opportunities designed for young people involved in the nonprofit community.


B Corp
B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Operating much like Fair Trade or LEED certifications, B Corp works towards creating a world economy run by socially responsible companies looking to benefit not just their shareholders, but all steak holders.

Tides breaks down the walls between entrepreneurs and their efforts to bring positive change to their communities. They are all about new ideas, innovation, and providing the tools to make these great ideas a reality. Since 1976, they have worked with over 15,000 individuals and organisations in the mutual endeavour to make the world a better place. These include foundations, donors, corporations, social investors, nonprofit organisations, government institutions, community organisations, activists, social entrepreneurs, and more.

WISE are philanthropy advisors that help individuals, families and corporations do charity. From setting up foundations and advising on causes, to delivering projects in the field, they offer hands-on expertise and strategising to meet a client’s distinctive requirements.

Context offers research and dissemination packages, trainings and consultancy services at an international level to organisations that deliver or want to deliver genuine social change.

Guidestar is an online database of US registered charities, and is useful for companies wanting to research the certification and integrity of 501(c)3 NGOs they are interested in partnering with our supporting.

Education & Events

Philanthropy University
Philanthropy University is an online learning resource working to redefine philanthropy and professional development, one change maker at a time. They offer free, dynamic online courses in leadership and management, and provide learners with tools needed to make a stronger, more lasting impact on the world. designs courses, products, services, and experiences to improve the lives of people in poor and vulnerable communities. They practice human-centred design, a creative approach to problem solving that starts with people and arrives at new solutions tailored to meet their lives. They’ve organised their work into four main programs that each offer a unique opportunity for design to improve lives at scale.

Design Kit
Design Kit is an course introducing the concepts of human-centred design to those working towards social change. Over the duration of the seven-week course, participants collaborate in design teams to complete online and offline coursework, and are then encouraged to apply human-centred design to design challenges of their own.

Operations & Business Management

Balboa is an online platform that allows you to securely communicate with your teams in the field. Send confidential documents without emailing versions back and forth where breaches can leak information, chat in real-time along searchable and organised versions of your files, and have secure video conferencing calls. With faster uploads than Dropbox and 10x the storage space of typical Google Apps, this is a great solution for organisations needing secure and efficient communication tools.

The Alliance for Nonprofit Management
The Alliance for Nonprofit Management is the professional association of individuals and organisations devoted to improving the management and governance capacity of nonprofits – to assist nonprofits in fulfilling their mission.

Trello is a useful tool to help design teams prioritise and manage their pipeline of work.

Slack is an app that brings all your organisation’s communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, calling, file sharing, archiving and searching designed for modern, on-the-go teams.

Notion is a Mac app that helps teams organise docs, wikis, and tasks from various tools in one central place. Combine it with Slak and it’s most likely all you need to run a team.


Crowdfunding platform

Generosity by Indiegogo
Indiegogo’s free crowdfunding platform for non-profits

Blue Sky Shines
Blue Sky Shines is an online giving platform that highlights giving opportunities that connect people and nature. This year, Blue Sky Shines is spotlighting programs and initiatives within the National Park Service in honour of the agency’s centennial. This is an opportunity for funders to partner to strengthen, protect, and shape our national parks, ensuring their vitality in the next 100 years.

Associated Grant Makers
Associated Grant Makers bridges the nonprofit and grant making communities by giving access to research and information to support your fund development program, providing professional development and networking opportunities for nonprofit staff members, and giving your nonprofit organisation more visibility among and access to grantmakers.

Council on Foundations
The Council on Foundations is a national nonprofit association of approximately 2,000 grantmaking foundations. COF strives to increase the effectiveness, stewardship, and accountability of the grantmaking sector while providing its members with the services and support they need for success.

Foundation Center
The Foundation Center provides databases of information on the nearly 100,000 foundations, corporate donors, and grantmaking public charities in the U.S. is a central storehouse for information on over 1,000 grant programs and provides access to approximately $500 billion in annual awards.

Terra Viva Grants
Terra Viva Grants is a nonprofit initiative that profiles grantmakers for agriculture, environment, energy, and natural resources. It takes a worldwide approach on grantmakers and considers the entire developing world as an arena for grant-funded activity.

The Grantsmanship Center
The Grantsmanship Center helps grant seekers create programs that get funded, stay funded and are aligned with their mission. For more than 35 years, they’ve trained more than 115,000 nonprofit leaders on the front lines, committed to making a difference in their communities.

Acumen is an innovative funding group that raise charitable donations to make patient long-term debt or equity investments in early-stage companies providing reliable and affordable access to agricultural inputs, quality education, clean energy, healthcare services, formal housing, and safe drinking water to low-income customers.


Sustainable Technologies

Kopernik is a Bali-based NGO that sources and distributes affordable and sustainable technologies to remote and rural communities.

Human Resources
Free online platform to get people to sign up for volunteering, events, etc.