Equip Young Changemakers in Disadvantaged Communities

100% of donations made through BBS go to those in need.

BBS is proud to partner with the JUMP! Foundation to launch youth leadership conferences in disadvantaged communities all around the world from Haiti to Nepal.

In partnership with local and impactful NGOs, the JUMP! Foundation design and facilitate youth conferences in underserved communities around the world, equipping the leaders of tomorrow with the tools needed to change their societies today. These collaborative events create platforms for young change makers to come together and explore problems within their communities, challenge themselves, inspire one another, and acquire skills to positively impact their surroundings.

Every JUMP! conference:

  1. Provides a Space where youth can identify and discuss ways to tackle community and global challenges
  2. Inspires, Empowers and Engages youth to feel a sense of ownership over local challenges and begin to explore ways to combat them
  3. Involves Local NGOs and community organisations in raising awareness about pressing social and environmental challenges and working together to develop practical solutions
We invite you to join us in this formative program, together changing the face of nations!

100% of donations made through BBS go to those in need.