Give the Gift of Education to 150 Children in Rural Madagascar

For the children of rural Madagascar an education is a luxury few receive because of a lack of funding and the long distance travelled daily to attend school, particularly at a secondary level. NY DINA College was founded, built and is funded by a local pastor, Eugénie, in the village of Ambohimader and is the focus of this project.

Ambohimader’s inhabitants are mainly farmers with a very low standard of living. A public primary school in the village provides education for their children up to Grade 4 but past this level many drop out because the nearest secondary school is a daily walk of 20km, roundtrip, away.  Instead the boys go to the fields to help their parents and the girls tend to marry at a very young age.

It is this situation that deeply touched Eugénie, a pastor who came to the village. She could not turn a blind eye and decided to create a school that would allow these young people to continue their studies and thus have a better future.  Founded in 2012 with 20 students, NY DINA College now serves 150 children and the enrollment grows annually. 

The school has remained open because the founder, Pastor Eugénie, has used her personal funds and resources but this model is not viable long-term and needs to be addressed for the school to continue to serve the local community.

This project is spearheaded by renowned environmentalist and humanitarian Ms. Céline Cousteau and her team in Madagascar.

The priorities in this project were identified by Pastor Eugénie. BBS is working to help provide the resources to grow fruits and vegetables on the school land and build a viable egg production operation. These resources will feed the children, whose parents can’t afford to feed them and keep them in school. Plus they’ll learn about valuable husbandry and produce, supplying life skills for the betterment of their families. The surplus produce and eggs will be sold at market and thus create a revenue stream to pay for the teachers’ salaries and help guarantee the school’s future.

By providing a local education, students will have the opportunity to finish their education and then take on roles within the community that will help lift the village and future generations out of poverty and bring to life the school’s motto… “I will rise from poverty through education”.

100% of your donation will go towards supporting the
identified priorities for the NY DINA school.


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