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Food for Peace ~ Achieving Food, Economic & Societal Stability in Northern Uganda

Despite facing immense challenges including conflict, displacement and culturally rooted gender-based violence, refugees as well as the host community women in Adjumani districts, Northern Uganda have shown remarkable resilience and determination to rebuild their lives.

However, they struggle to access opportunities and support to secure a stable source of income and provide for their families. This has resulted into persistent cycle of vulnerability, exacerbated by climate change and lack of funding.

Empowering women with climate-smart agriculture skills can lead to significant benefits for women and the wider community. It can increase food security, boost economic opportunities, improve community resilience, and promote gender equality.

BBS is pleased to support SPEAK Uganda in their efforts to scale up their successful pilot project which featured a group of nine women in Ayilo 1 Refugee Settlement and provided them with climate-smart agriculture skills. Donations from the BBS community will be used for the hard costs associated with project expansion such as gardening implements, seeds and other items identified by SPEAK.

We believe peace is possible if families have food on their tables hence women are primarily stakeholders in this process.

Donations will be used to ramp up this project which is already operating and looking to expand to meet the growing demand.

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