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A well-planned, fully integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that enhances an overall corporate strategy can provide bottom line returns to any organisation.

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The Bottom Line

Implementing a well designed CSR strategy does not just benefit your designated charity. There are more and more studies and articles that clearly demonstrate CSR practices are value creating assets to a business or a brand when they have the proper design and delivery, plus sufficient investment.*


Although the benefits are many, a few examples of what CSR can do
for your company are:


Increase market value
by 4-6%


Strengthen stakeholder relationships up to 80%


Establish CSR brand and reputation values as 11% of total value of the company


Reduce staff turnover rate by up to 50%


Increase employee engagement up to 7.5%

BBS can work with your organisation to help secure top CSR returns. How? Not only by matching you with a vetted, trustworthy nonprofit, but also by drawing upon our extensive network of resources and experts to create a customised project methodology that includes thorough upfront planning, systematic delivery and critical measurements for success.

* The above data comes from a comprehensive study conducted by IO Sustainability on the competitive and financial advantages of CSR responsibility and sustainability. The complete study, entitled “Project ROI,” is available in pdf format on their website.


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