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Business for Better Society (BBS) exists to make giving ethical and easy, while building partnerships for purposeful and sustainable impact.

As a global foundation, BBS promotes and facilitates excellence in giving and mentoring. We match corporations and individuals, their funds and/or skills, with purposeful, sustainable and high impact non-profit initiatives. Through our work we create responsible partnerships and support a culture of accountability, innovation and greater effectiveness in the non-profit sector.

Our impact is truly global:

  • Uganda working with a primary school, mobile computer lab, libraries and support AIDS orphans.
  • In Afghanistan where we ran an adult literacy program, opened community libraries, and opened a women’s life skills training centre. Today we continue to fundraise for breadmaking ovens which use less wood and create significantly less household smoke.
  • In Thailand where our corporate donor designed and built an irrigation system for a farm that supports a school for children with special needs.
  • In Kenya where we run a business incubator for women and support the formation of their businesses which provides economic freedom. To date, 140 new businesses have been launched.
  • Zimbabwe where we support the electric tricycle revolution that is changing the lives of rural women and their communities.
  • In China’s poorest province, Gansu, where girls receive scholarships to finish their high school education and continued to university.
  • In Canada where our donors have given to local mental health charities and funded hundreds of hours of counselling services.
  • Madagascar where we created school vegetable gardens for a rural school that provided not only nutritious meals but valuable skills training.
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo where we support a local nonprofit that is reintegrating former child soldiers back into their local community.
  • And much more….

This page is dedicated to donating to BBS and to support our ongoing operations as well as the programming we’re developing for our growing network of nonprofit causes.

We are deeply grateful to all our supporters and their commitment to our mission and desire to make a direct impact in communities around the world.

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