Business For Better Society


Welcome to Business for Better Society (BBS), a Hong Kong registered charity committed to making a positive impact in our global community.

At BBS, transparency and accountability are at the core of our values. Each year, we undergo an independent audit, the results of which are diligently filed with the Hong Kong authorities before the November 11 deadline. Our commitment to upholding the standards of a charity in Hong Kong is further demonstrated through regular reviews of our work and operations. Our most recent review in May 2023 reaffirmed our dedication to our mission, as we were found to be in good standing with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Division.


Business for Better Society (BBS) exists to make giving ethical and easy, while building partnerships for purposeful and sustainable impact.

Mission Statement

As a global foundation, BBS promotes and facilitates excellence in giving and mentoring. We match corporations and individuals, their funds and/or skills, with purposeful, sustainable and high impact nonprofit initiatives. Through our work we create responsible partnerships and support a culture of accountability, innovation and greater effectiveness in the nonprofit sector. We have no religious or political affiliations.

Building connections ONE person at a time

What We Do

  • Enable corporations and individuals to give in an ethical and impactful way;
  • Support and match deserving nonprofit organisations with resources and capacity building to generate effective and sustainable impact;
  • Serve as a centre of excellence for generating and disseminating best practices in corporate social giving and public-private partnerships;
  • We are a permanent nonprofit partner, in good standing, on GlobalGiving and Benevity.


We value individual and corporate social responsibility

We believe that it is the responsibility of corporations and individuals to contribute to sustainable development and positive societal change.

We value integrity, credibility, accountability and transparency

We seek excellence in what we do and how we do it by utilising best practices, innovation and constant learning. We practice accountability to all of our stakeholders and adhere to the highest standards of due diligence and transparency.

We value different forms of giving

We believe giving exists in different forms: financial resources, mentorship, technical support, volunteering, training, internships, practical supplies and any number of other ways.

We work towards global impact

We believe that being truly global entails working not only in the developing world.

We value measuring and reporting on our impact

We recognise that not all impact is readily visible or easily quantifiable. However, we will use both quantitative and qualitative evaluation and monitoring methodologies to measure and assess our work.

BBS Team

See the faces behind the magic. Read about our experience and see just how global we really are.

What Makes BBS Unique

Global Network

Our diverse global business network and our relationships at the highest levels of these organisations;


Our commitment to partner with non-profit organisations not because of their sector of focus, but based on how they work to generative positive and sustainable impact;


Our promise that 100% of donations received go directly to grants and programs, not to administration;


Our commitment to combine grant giving and/or long term sustainable capacity-building, always reporting impact assessments and lessons learned to all stakeholders;


Our organisational structure allows for advice, guidance and accountability from a diverse range of globally influential stakeholders;


We operate within a culture of learning, innovation and experimentation, encouraging risk-taking and generating learning from both successes and failures to shape our future work;

How We Work

We leverage our network of corporate relationships to match available sponsorship resources with the most suitable, high potential, credible and vetted nonprofits. In addition to identifying and providing funding to nonprofit organisations, we provide tailor-made capacity-building support, mentorship and access to best practices as well as impact assessment and reporting. We believe in creating connections among our grantees by establishing a network of innovative and impactful organisations and individual change-makers that will be able to support each other and share experiences, even after BBS direct support period comes to an end.

When it comes to identifying purpose driven, high potential, nonprofit organisations who would benefit from additional financial and/or technical support., this identification process can be BBS driven or via introductions from our partners. Once a potential nonprofit has been identified, we work with each organisation in the following manner:




Assessment phase to determine whether a nonprofit organisation qualifies for support and to determine their needs.



Accompanying phase to bring like-minded donors and nonprofits together on impactful projects, entailing any combination of funding, capacity building, resourcing, strategic guidance and/or technical support.



Monitoring and evaluation phase to keep stakeholders informed and projects on track.