Bring Speech Therapy to Cambodia

100% of donations made through BBS go to those in need.

Join us in supporting OIC as they work to bring speech therapy to Cambodia. OIC is a non-profit organisation founded as a response to the over half million children suffering from speech and communication problems across Cambodia. Up until OIC’s intervention beginning in 2013, there were zero speech therapists or healthcare/educational interventions being made in Cambodia to help solve this issue. Without awareness or rehabilitation resources, this population faces an exacerbation of poverty, limited social inclusion, stigma, hindered education, and a premature death rate 13 times the national average due to medical or nutritional complications associated with their unmet needs.

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Local awareness, inclusive teaching methods, and a self-sustaining industry of speech therapy professionals are needed to rectify this problem on a national level, and this is where OIC comes in. OIC is working to rehabilitate this underserved demographic by:

  1. Capacity Building: training local disability workers and teachers in speech therapy techniques
  2. Advocacy: advocating for inclusive education skills in the classroom to support children with communication and swallowing disabilities
  3. Coordination: facilitating systemic change and securing government commitment to make speech therapy support universally available to children in Cambodia, including the creation of post secondary programs, viable speech therapy career paths for graduates, and functioning rehabilitation clinics across the country

OIC’s ambitious plan will see speech therapy established across the nation, thus removing the need for foreign intervention by 2030. We invite you to join this exciting journey in making an entire nation self-sustaining in a much-needed area of children’s healthcare. Thank you from the bottom of our hearths for any contribution you are able to make.

100% of donations made through BBS go to those in need.