Building Schools and Building Bright Futures

Ptea Teuk Dong (PTD) Cambodia is a small non-profit that since 1994 has focused on the development of the communities it serves through a number of programs that fall within the broader catagories of education and livelihood development.

Their vision is “to be an integral part of our local community in Battambang, Cambodia. A community that is educated, healthy and prosperous and where disadvantaged members are protected, cared for and empowered.”

Like so many other regions of the world, Cambodia’s education systems is affected by a weak delivery system, minimal teacher capacity, low enrolment levels and a lack of supporting facilities.

As PTD works to address the gaps in the education system through several programs for all children, there’s an urgent need to renovate their current school building and six classrooms, install equipment in the classrooms, and renovate other facilities, such as washrooms, to support the enrolment of 200 children at an early childhood learning level from the surrounding communities.

PTD understands that the lack of education, especially in early childhood, compounds Cambodia’s high poverty rates and continues the current cycle of children working, begging or looking after younger siblings while their parents work.

BBS is pleased to support PTD Cambodia and their efforts to provide a safe learning environment where children gain the crucial knowledge and skills for positive development in their lives in the future.

In addition to PTD Cambodia’s education programming, the other silo of their work is situated around livelihood and economic development through their innovative “Cow Bank” project.

This project aims to “provide poor families in the rural setting with the training, tools, and resources to improve their living conditions and thereby eradicating extreme poverty and hunger through values based holistic community development.”

The project concept description below is courtesy of PTD and donations to this program can also be made through this page.

The“COW BANK” was initiated to support families to become self-sufficient by loaning them two pregnant cows. It’s more about providing an opportunity to break the poverty cycle rather than a direct handout.

In Cambodia, cows are essential for farming.  They are used to plow the fields and pull oxcarts. For many, their cow is their most valuable asset and a good female cow costs approximately $1,250 in Cambodia.

How the program works: :

  1. They designate a poor family who is hardworking, trustworthy and wants to have a​ cow. Each family commits to their involvement in the PTD Community farm for at least 2 years.
  2. PTD sources two good female cows that are approximately 3-4 years old.
  3. The family cares for the two cows. PTD have a veterinarian on standby who can attend to any major medical needs of the cows.
  4. The family for their efforts keeps one calf and the other one is designated for PTD.
  5. After the second calf, the two cows will be relocated to another family for approximately 2 years.
  6. Each family signs an agreement that ensures the cows are looked after. The agreement outlines the strict rules that need to be followed and care guildelines to ensure the best outcomes for all parties. Learning to care for the cattle over the two year period also ensures that their animal will be well cared for in the future and be able to support the family for as long as possibe.

Additional Note from PTD Cambodia: There are no operating costs and no administrative overhead because we are able to keep some of the offspring as well.  Therefore, there is no need to charge for any overhead expenses.  100% of donations for cows go directly to purchasing cows which are delivered free-of-charge to the family.

The donation level to give a family a cow is $1,250 USD.

BBS is committed to making giving easy and 100% of your donation that we receive will go to the cause you support.