Creating an Empowered and Stigma Free Society Through Youth-Led Leadership

Three decades on from when the world became aware of the first AIDS cases, the stigma attached to the syndrome still flourishes despite the tremendous inroads made through scaled-up prevention and treatment interventions.

Today, Kenya has the third largest HIV epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa with an estimated 1.6 million People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and over 650,000 of them are currently accessing antiretroviral treatment. This situation is compounded by the fact that close to 101,560 new HIV infections occur annually according to Kenya’s national HIV/AIDS Stigma and discrimination index of 2018. As Kenya grapples with how to reduce the number of new infections, stigma and discrimination continue to disrupt and discourage access to HIV testing, counseling, treatment, care, and support services. This is especially true among Kenya’s young.

Activate Action is a youth-led organization with a team that consists of high school and university students, young professionals, as well as people living with HIV, gender minorities, and marginalized youth living with disabilities.

Their mission is “to build an inclusive social environment for young people living with HIV and disability.” They partner with governments, the private sector, local/international organizations, and civil societies to bring about positive social change and to provide lifesaving health care, quality education, and opportunities for meaningful involvement of young people.

Activate Action has three overarching objectives:

1. To help build and bring youth and women into
public health promotion, and advocacy (creation of mental health awareness, promotion of AYSRH, nutrition, reduction of incidence of HIV)

2. Reduce poverty by building opportunities for entrepreneurship among young people.

3.  Advocate for meaningful youth participation in national and county governance and public policy creation.

BBS is pleased to support the mission and vision of Activiate Action as they work hard with young people, aged 15 to 24, in Kenya’s Homabay County to improve their knowledge about HIV and the services available to them plus ensure the right to access them without any form of stigma and discrimination.

Activiate Action has a number of programs running and have identified four key activities that will help them reach the three objectives as described above.  

1. Conduct monthly community awareness campaigns in different secondary schools, worship places, and universities in Homabay county targeted at school administrators, teachers, and students.

2. Conduct monthly training on youth HIV friendly services with a major focus on available services, cost of the service, the relevance of the services, and how providing the services to be able to demystify stigmatizing information blocking young people from accessing the available services.

3. Conduct peer-to-peer training and education on HIV prevention, treatment, and management in schools and health facilities.

4. Conduct monthly community conversations with church leaders, community leaders, representatives of young people, youth-led organizations, Civil society organizations, headteachers, and county youth directors.

We ask our supporters to join us in giving to this incredible youth led organisation as they strive to build a stronger community for all.

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