Support Mental Health Resources in Canada

1 in 5 Canadians will be faced with a mental health crisis in any given year.

The stigma and limited access to care means many won’t get the help they need and it is from this societal need that Kitchens4Missions (K4M) emerged.

K4M was founded in 2018 by Business for Better Society as a special project to help raise funds and awareness for mental health organisations in Canada.  Through “food philanthropy” events, K4M has raised funds for accessible counselling services and other resources around mental wellness for the Canadian charities A Dollar A Day and the Greater Victoria Counselling Centre.

As we continue to maneuver through the new global reality, K4M has started its next chapter as an independent organisation with the on-going support of BBS and exciting new partnerships with organisations such as the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP).

K4M continues to work hard for Canadian mental health charities and planning future projects in collaboration with their partners.  This cause page is dedicated to building awareness for the incredible work of A Dollar A Day and the  Citizens’ Counselling Centre.

Donations received through the K4M dedicated cause page will support the work of CASP.

Please note: the video above is hosted on Youtube and may require a VPN to access in some countries.  

Introduction to the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP)

Founded in 1985 to provide information and resources to communities to reduce the suicide rate and minimise the harmful consequences of suicidal behaviour.  CASP envisions a world in which people enjoy an optimal quality. of life, are long-living, socially responsible and optimistic for the future.  The organisation also continues to be a resource for all Canadians and the media who want resources, guidance and education. 

The 2020 Annual Report for CASP is available on their website and by clicking here.