Protect the Last Guardians of the Rainforest by Supporting the Javari Project

Take five breathes… your fifth breath was courtesy of the Amazon, the lungs of the earth.

What started as a documentary, Tribes on the Edge, by humanitarian Celine Cousteau has now become a much larger integrated impact campaign aimed at protecting the Javari Indigenous tribes. These tribes are truly the guardians of the rainforest and by protecting them we protect the Amazon and the air we breathe.

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The Challenge

Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest is up 88% and man-made fires are destroying the rainforest at a rate of 1.5 football fields per minute. As the Amazon burns, we are losing the source of 20% of our global oxygen supply. Humans and nature are intimately interconnected. Where there is environmental destruction, humans suffer. In the Amazon, where there are indigenous communities, there is no deforestation. If they vanish, we lose the guardians of vital ecosystems.

The Solution

This long term impact campaign has three initiatives: Action, Communication and Education: educate on the situation of the Indigenous peoples of the Vale do Javari and the ecosystem they protect, to inspire all of us to understand the relevancy of these populations and the Amazon to our lives and support to the tribes proposed and self-determined projects. The work is spearheaded by Ms. Celine Cousteau working side by side with NGOs and Indigenous leaders from the Vale do Javari.

Long Term Impact

All the stakeholders believe it is essential to create long-lasting support to the traditional Indigenous cultures of the Vale do Javari. Supporting their livelihood and wellbeing not only protects the Indigenous people and the land where they live but also the ecosystem responsible for the air we breathe. As a final note, the project priorities were identified in consultation with local Indigenous leaders, and guided by the wishes and needs of the community.

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