Protect the Last Guardians of the Rainforest

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The Amazon is on fire and we need your help. Deforestation is up 88% and man-made fires are destroying the rainforest at a rate of 1.5 football fields per minute. As the Amazon burns, we are losing the source of 20% of our global oxygen supply and threatening life as we know it.

But there is hope. Where there are indigenous people, there is no deforestation. This is why we’re partnering with Celine Cousteau on her epic film and impact campaign: Tribes on the Edge. Together we are working to protect tribes of the Amazon from extinction, and raising money to help buy drones indigenous peoples can use to survey their land against illegal deforestation.

Please note: the video above is hosted on Youtube and may require a VPN to access in some countries. 

About the Film
Tribes on the Edge takes us deep into the Vale do Javari – one of the largest indigenous territories in Brazil and home to thousands of indigenous peoples, at least 2,000 of which remain un-contacted. Considered by many to be “the last guardians of the rainforest”, the film explores one intimate tribal community and the wider ecosystems of the Javari under threat from deforestation, illegal mining, and epidemic health crises brought on by contact with the outside world.

Directed and hosted by third generation explorer and filmmaker, Celine Cousteau, Tribes on the Edge provides a uniquely personal glimpse into one of the most endangered peoples and places on earth. At age nine, Celine first sailed to the Amazon with her late grandfather. Together they navigated its largely then unknown coastlines and waterways and encountered a number of indigenous communities, many of whom had little to no contact with the outside world. Decades later, with deforestation of the Amazon threatening 20% of our global oxygen supply, human rights violations against indigenous peoples skyrocketing, and murders of journalists in Brazil hitting double digits, Celine returned to see where the indigenous friends of her childhood were now. What she found was a community on the brink of extinction, and a tribe pleading with her to share their fight for survival with the outside world. Celine has honoured their request through the powerful medium of film.

The film was screened along the North American west coast throughout the summer of 2019 and wrapped up in Victoria, BC with a special BBS screening and fundraising evening. 

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About the Campaign
Both BBS and Celine intimately understand the importance of not only raising awareness, but also empowering action. This is why the film’s release has been paired with an impact campaign designed to provide tangible solutions to the problems in the Javari today. All funds raised by donations made through BBS will go to support these solutions, with immediate focus on providing drones to tribes of the Javari region and the construction of community centres for their people.

Why drones?
The Javari have shared with Celine and her team that they need drones to survey their lands for illegal mining and deforestation. They also plan to use the drones as a non-invasive way to monitor the well being of the thousands of indigenous peoples within the Javari that remain un-contacted.  

Why a community centre?
Indigenous peoples in the Javari are facing an epidemic health crisis, with a staggering 85% infected with Hepatitis and 80% fighting malaria due to contact with the outside world. A centralised community centre is critically needed to tackle the healthcare and education needs of the community and to keep them from extinction.  

We invite you to help us protect these last guardians of the rainforest by making a donation below. Thank you!

100% of donations made through BBS go to those in need.


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