Promote Peace & Reduce Poverty in Afghanistan

100% of donations made through BBS go to those in need.

Evidence shows that education is the most strategically important area in which we can invest, where funds raised can travel the furthest and leave an impact in present and future generations.

Our campaign donations will be 100% designated to the women and children of the Whakhan, paying for teachers, training and learning. To help you better understand the area and the people “Peaceful Afghanistan”, a book of our recent expedition there, will be sent to you with your donation of US$75 dollars or above.

In this venture BBS is working with the Badakhshan UN Mission and Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, a charity founded on the belief that…

“Education is a basic, universal human right. The people of Afghanistan have demonstrated an intense demand for education, for both girls and boys, since this right once again fell within their grasp following the end of the Taliban regime in late 2001. We are pleased to respond to this demand with a focus on access to quality education. We also recognize the link between quality education and peace building, and believe that a literate population with access to viable education and economic opportunities will be Afghanistan’s greatest stabilizing force and it’s best hope for a lasting peace.”

An Excerpt from the Peaceful Afghanistan:

 A unique blend of cultural, ethnic, and linguistic traditions exist here, and – when combined with its isolated location – serve to create a pocket sealed off from the currents of history. Within these confines, the migration of conflict that oft comes with ethnic diversity and conflicting cultures – as so starkly witnessed by the rest of the region – remains limited.


Though a source of its harmony, this isolation also brings with it strife. Limited access to education, healthcare, fresh produce and cross-border trade means that more than one half of the population will die before the age of five. Most families within Wakhan will lose anywhere from three to eleven children in their lifetimes. Although money exists, trade operates as the major currency, and survival hinges on the success of every negotiation.


Though faced with these incomprehensible hardships, the people of Wakhan seek no alternative homelands. Neighbouring regions exist in perpetual conflict within the throws of war, and the Taliban struggle for control in communities not far off. When offered the choice between these systems of unrest or the hardships endured within their long-held isolation, its inhabitants choose the latter.

July 2020

Certificates of Achievement for the Literacy Program

BBS would like to thank the following people and organisations for their generous support

Frank Gounelas
Geoff Bedford
Ioannis Exarchos
Jamshid Sultanzada
Laurie DeBoer
LBKT Farms Limited
Linda Sekura
Linsey Flannery

Maltec Leichtbautechnologie
Mark Quigley
Matin Zamani
Michael Marcus
Molly Hollihan
Natalie Osborne
Neo Performance Materials

Pauline Niebur
Peter Johnston
Peter Kruyt
Samuel Plagnard
Sara James
Scott Gillespie
Stefanos Kourelas

Sylvia Hirsche Memorial Library
Sylvia Liu
Taber Memorial Library
Tonya Tecca
Tracy Driscoll
Viva, Beijing Professional Women’s Association
Wray Armstrong

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On behalf of our refugee father, we must never forget as long as the need exists...

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100% of donations made through BBS go to those in need.


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