Send A Primary School In Uganda Much-Needed Resources

The pooling of resources and creating a common voice for the betterment of all was what led to the creation of the Sserinya Community Oganisation (SCOU) in 2009.  SCOU is a community-based organisation that serves the rural villages of Sserinya, Mazinga, Katina, Bulungu, Kabagabo, Kayijja and Bulando in the Maska district of Uganda (map below).

Since its inception, they have focused on addressing fundamental community challenges including low levels of education, poor agriculture practices which in some incidences led to environmental degradation, lack of clean water sources, poor sanitation and increased rates of infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS and other common illnesses.

SCOU’s vision is simple yet a fundamental right for all…  “communit[ies] in which all people have equal access to basic education and health and have resources to be able to influence the decisions that affect their lives”. To achieve their vision, the organisation operates with a guiding set of values; resilience, cross-culture mindset, cooperation, sustainable development and gender equality.

Through the hard work of SCOU and dedication of everyone in the various communities, a number of key initiatives have been achieved specific to agriculture practices, rainwater collection plus installation of a solar panel at Sseryina Primary School.

BBS is pleased to support the efforts of SCOU and specifically the Sseriyna Primary School and their student body of 280 pupil. BBS, under the direction of the Headmaster, is working to provide textbooks, resource materials and/or teaching aids.  All of the prority subjects detailed were identified by the teachers and include:

  1. Integrated primary science
  2. Social studies for upper primary
  3. Primary school atlas
  4. Primary mathematics books
  5. Grammar books and English comprehension
  6. Standard English aids
  7. Sound and read
  8. Learners’ workbooks
  9. Nursery workbooks

In March of 2021 the first shipment of donated books, courtesy of Gumdrop Books and the Sylvia Hirsche Memoria Library, arrived from Canada.

But this is just the first shipment and with the support of the greater BBS community, we are working towards two more shipments of materials in the calendar year.

Sserinya Community Organisation Uganda (SCOU) is located in Masaka District in Uganda. It was registered by the District’s community development office on 23/08/2012, with registration number 7252CD.

100% of your donation will go towards books and resource materials as well as shipping to Uganda.