Ensure Underprivileged Children in Rural Thailand Receive an Education & Healthcare

Thai Child Development Foundation (TCDF) is dedicated to making sure that customized medical care and education is available to underprivileged children and children with disabilities, or learning disorders, in rural area’s through their forest school and facilities in the jungle near Ranong.

TCDF is also filling a gap created by the global pandemic with emergency meals to orphans in regions like Phuket and Bangkok. This need has grown over the last year and TCDF remains committed to their meal support program.

For over five years BBS has supported TCDF in various capacities to help them manage their short term needs as well to move closer to their long term goal of being completely self sustaining.

We’re very proud of the partnerships we’ve created between TCDF and the Australian firm Irrigear, their partner Franklin Electric, as well as Bangkok based VERSO International School.

With the support and expertise of Irrigear, TCDF now has a fully operational irrigation system that is pumping water to a range of crops such as pineapples, coffee, bananas, and more.  These crops have created new revenue streams through the sale of produce at local markets and corporate gifts. When the Eco-Lodge reopens, their crops are showcased in the meals they prepare for their guests. To read about the work of Irrigear, please click here.

We are delighted to share in the gallery of this page photos from the Irrigear project.  Please note that some of these photos were of events that occurred before COVID.

VERSO International School and their students are working hard to raise awareness for TCDF as well as fundraise through a series of experiential learning experiences that are lead by the students. Thailand’s biggest vlogger, Retired Working for You, recently visited TCDF with the students from VERSO and said it best…it’s “kids helping kids”.

Today, the work continues and the key priorites as always remain the children that fall outside the systems in Thailand and ensuring they receive an education and medical care.

How can you help? Some of the top priorities noted by TCDF are:

  1. School uniforms for the children
  2. Donations for their medical program to support the costs associated with perscriptions, physio therapy and visits to doctors and specialists.
  3. Donations for their emergency meal program.

Please note: the video above is hosted on Youtube and may require a VPN to access in some countries. 

TCDF’s Eco-Lodge Reopens June 1, 2022

One of the best ways to support TCDF is by planning a stay at Eco-Logic Thailand.

This retreat is a down to earth nature retreat in Paksong that welcomes all and offers a range of activities for all travellers from families to solo. To review their packages, please click here

Eco-Logic Thailand is surrounded by an unique natural environment that really offers it all! Waterfalls, hot spring national parks, mangrove forests, secluded beaches and uninhabited islands in national marine parks are just a day trip away!

All ‘farm to fork’ meals are included into these 7, 5 and 2 day-packages. However, to be able to cater to all budgets the accommodations of choice is booked separately.

100% of donations made through BBS go to those in need.