Support the Education of Syrian Refugee Children

Canadian registered Syrian Kids Foundation (SKF) was created in 2012 to offer desperately needed humanitarian relief and education to Syrian refugees in Turkey regardless of their background, sect and religion. SKF is run entirely through volunteers. Their mission is to safeguard Syrian refugee children their right to an education, a child-friendly environment, and a space to run and play freely, safe from the harrowing conditions of war.

To accomplish their mission, SKF founded Madsarat Al Salam — meaning School of Peace — in October 2012 in the small town of Reyhanli, Turkey, about one mile away from Turkey’s busiest border crossing with Syria. Al Salam currently offers free education and psychosocial services to over 1,880 Syrian refugee children.

At the heart of Al Salam are its dedicated teachers. Al Salam is committed to hiring and retaining qualified teachers with at least five years of experience from within the Syrian refugee community. The 1,880 students, ranging from 6 to 17 years old, include some of the most marginalized and vulnerable of the refugee community: 150 orphans, 120 illiterate children, and one child with special physical needs. Al Salam’s teachers are tirelessly providing a caring, quality education despite all the challenges they and their students face.

While Al Salam has been very successful in delivering its mission, the prolonged nature of the conflict and the growing refugee population has made it difficult to cover the school’s operating costs, which have been increasing as the number of students and teachers grows. In particular, funding to support teacher salaries has become an urgent need.

Currently UNICEF covers 50% of the costs and SKF funds the remaining costs.

Please donate and support the work of SKF. Your donation will go to SKF and support the children, and teachers, of Al Salam.

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SKF’s mission is to rebuild trust, self-worth, compassion, and open-mindedness in Syrian refugee children. They are committed to using constructive educational techniques that foster critical thinking and the courage to act on principles and give children the opportunity to reach their full potential.  They are committed to provide the healthiest and most secure environment for children; where their creativity and joy can thrive; where every child is respected, loved, and given the opportunity to develop strong character and positive attitude.

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