The Canadian charity Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC) was established to provide young women in rural Western China with access to high school and university education through financial sponsorship and emptional support. Specifically, EGRC offers mentorship, and a variety of training programs with a specific focus on mental health, confidence-building, career and personal development.

On International Women’s Day 2023, EGRC shared that the Covidrelated situation in China provided some complications for completing the selection process of the new sponsored high school students which had to be delayed from September 2022. Finally, in the beginning of February, the EGRC China team were able to travel to rural regions of Yunnan and Gansu and complete the selection work by February’s end.

In total, 265 Grade 10 students were selected to receive sponsorship. Currently, over 600 high school students are in the EGRC program. This is the highest number in EGRC’s history and a huge milestone has been achieved!

BBS is pleased to support the mission of EGRC and to date our donors have raised over US$20,000 for their sponsorship fund.  To our community we wish to say a huge thank you on behalf of EGRC and the girls now in their program!