Since 2015 A Drop in the Ocean has worked to improve the daily lives of displaced persons. They provide direct and immediate support inside and outside refugee camps and advocate to increase the attention on the situation for people forced to flee their homes. They distribute necessary items such as food, clothes, and hygiene items. They also provide non-formal education and activities to support psychosocial well-being and build a sense of community and belonging. And they do so much more…

Where are they working today? 

A Drop in the Ocean works on the mainland and islands of Greece and outside Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In mainland Greece, they work in the city of Athens and the Nea Kavala refugee camp in Northern Greece. On the islands, they work inside and outside of the refugee camps on Lesvos and Samos. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, they work inside the refugee camp Ušivac. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, they have also been present in Krakow, Poland since the end of February 2022.

There is an ongoing need for volunteer field workers in all of their locations.

Why should you become a field worker?  

As a volunteer field worker, you can make a difference. Your work will contribute to give people dignity and meaning in a daily life filled with uncertainty.

In the field, you will meet people in challenging situations and their stories may be hard to hear. Being able to contribute feels valuable. Several of their previous voluntary field workers say they have gained a new perspective of the world – and changed their attitudes, priorities and ambitions.

More than 8,000 field workers from 70 countries have contributed since 2015. Both international field workers and community volunteers (camp residents who volunteer alongside international field workers) contribute to our work.

Everyday life as a field worker is varied and meaningful, though the work can be demanding, and the hours long. Their activities have a broad range – in terms of purpose, content and target group – and they aim to include field workers in all the various tasks. You will be included in a schedule with a clear overview of the activities you will participate in.

To review the criteria to become a field worker as well as look at the opportunities available in their various locations, please visit A Drop in the Ocean’s offical website by clicking here.

If you wish to give to A Drop in the Ocean to support their operations and the needs of the people they serve, please click here.