Household smoke remains a serious health threat and especially for women and children in regions of the world including Afghanistan according to the World Health Organisation.

To support healthier homes, BBS used the Aseel platform to fundraise for 20 smokeless breadmaking stoves that were identified as a need by SALEHO in the

Badakhshan province of Afghanistan.  Aseel’s platform and community in less than a week raised the requested funds for the 20 stoves. The next step is coordinating the delivery of the stoves to the benificiaries in Badakhshan.  SALEHO and Aseel will closely work together for the logistics part of this project.

Many of the BBS followers will know SALEHO who have been our local delivery partner for the adult literacy program in 2018 as well as the lifeskills workshops in 2022.

This is just the first collaboration with Aseel and for anyone wishing to donate to emergency aid in Afghanistan or support artisans, please visit their website today by clicking here.