Business for Better Society (BBS), is a Hong Kong registered charity dedicated to making a positive impact on communities worldwide. Through a commitment to transparency, accountability, and responsible stewardship of donor dollars, BBS strives to create a better society for all.

BBS is pleased to announce the successful completion of comprehensive due diligence review processes undertaken with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (IRD), GlobalGiving, and Benevity.

As a Hong Kong registered charity, BBS underwent a thorough examination by IRD, which encompasses a close scrutiny of the organisation’s work, collaborations, governance documentation, board and key personnel evaluation, and a detailed financial audit in line with Hong Kong’s non-profit requirements. We are delighted to report that BBS has been found to be in good standing by Hong Kong authorities.

GlobalGiving, a prominent global fundraising platform, mandates that its permanent partners undergo a due diligence review every two years. This process serves to ensure that organisations remain aligned with their mission and vision while guaranteeing that donor funds are utilised as promised. The assessment involves an evaluation of financials, budget adherence, donation utilisation procedures, project alignment with the public good, and an examination of the board and key personnel. BBS has successfully completed this process, with the due diligence review renewed until October 2025.

Additionally, BBS has been recognized as a vetted non-profit on the Benevity giving platform. Benevity conducts an annual review, including a thorough assessment of an organisation’s working policies to safeguard the public, such as child safety policies, and an evaluation of key personnel and other organisational factors. BBS is was also found to be in good standing by Benevity.

These diligent reviews by official bodies and reputable giving platforms reaffirm the dedication of BBS to its mission, vision, and values. Importantly, they assure our donors that their contributions are being effectively utilised to create a better society, supporting communities around the world.

BBS remains committed to its mission of making the world a better place for all and your support is crucial in enabling us to continue our work in communities around the globe.

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Your ongoing support is the backbone of our mission, and we can’t express our gratitude enough.