On May 3rd, The Global Institute for Women’s Leadership (King’s College London) hosted a remarkable event that included Ms. Sveto Muhammad Ishoq, the visionary founder of Chadari Project.

Event Introduction:  “When the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in 2021 after two decades of democratic rule, the world watched in horror. Despite initial promises that women would be able to exercise their rights within Sharia Law, the Taliban has systematically excluded women and girls from public life. In the months that have followed, the situation has only grown more desperate for Afghanistan’s women, who now live under one of the most restrictive regimes in the world. They are unable to access secondary education, travel without a male relative, and even more recently have been banned from attending universities and working for aid organisations, further erasing professional and public opportunities.”

The event was moderated by former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gilliard and featured  Zahra Joya, journalist and founder of Rukhshana Media, an organisation that tells the stories of Afghan women globally; Christina Lamb, the Chief Foreign Correspondent for The Sunday Times; Paula Kweskin, a filmmaker and attorney specialising in international humanitarian and human rights law; and of course Ms.Sveto Muhammad Ishoq.

In attendance was Kelly Brantner, CEO of BBS, who acknowledged the responsibility we all share in keeping the daily struggles of Afghan women and girls at the forefront of global consciousness. Such awareness is crucial in fostering support and action to uplift these resilient women and provide them with the opportunities they deserve.

This event is now a 30-minute podcast and featured on the Podcast of One’s Own with Julia Gillard series.  Please click here to listen to this insightful podcast.

BBS is very proud to be able to say that we’ve been there since the beginning and have watched the growth and evolution of Chadari. Sveto’s determination and commitment to empowering Afghan women served as an inspiration to all.