This week our BBS Exploration Team set out to Ubud, Indonesia. Nestled in the middle of this artisan community lies an innovative incubator for social entrepreneurship, among them the Japanese organisation Kopernik. Founded by the dynamic duo Toshi Nakamura and Ewa Wojkowska, both ex-UN workers, Kopernik’s mission is to create affordable technologies designed to improve the quality of life for impoverished communities.

Guided through their space we saw everything from adjustable glasses for children to biomass stoves to transportable solar chargers. While in awed over and over again with each new device, our sights for this trip were still clearly set on one thing: finding solutions for communities without clean water. And to this Kopernik also had the answer!

Among their many inventions we were introduced to the very simple yet highly impactful Nazava® water filtration systems. Made out of two food-grade plastic containers and a ceramic filter, this extremely economical device (available for about USD$20 each) can provide clean water for up to 18 months for the average family living with contaminated water sources. The cost savings a filter like this would create for those otherwise needing to buy bottled water are significant, not to mention the health problems that could be avoided for those unable to afford bottled water in the first place.

A big thank you to Kopernik for sharing with us their vision for a better world and the practical steps they are taking to get us there. We left inspired and eager to share Nazava® water with communities we will no doubt meet in our ongoing search to help those in need.

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