The Coaching for a Better Society program, created with JT Coaching Certification, is delivering results and supporting the development of nonprofit leaders and teams.

We’re excited to share the following program testimonial from the founder of the Thai Child Development Foundation, Ms. Rosalie Tieges.

“As the founding director of the Thai Child Development Foundation, I have dedicated my life to supporting underprivileged children in rural Thailand through healthcare and special needs education.  And while I encounter heartbreaking stories on a day-to-day basis, purpose and empowerment are my roots and I will continue to seek change for children who fall outside the system.

From the start in 2004 I have tried to create a strong and sustainable foundation and have set up many ventures and programs on the side aimed towards creating an income for the charity under the LEARN EARN RETURN concept. We have always tried to put our hands to work instead of holding our hands up. And to say that I have been busy is an understatement.

The 17 years have flown by during which time I also raised my own children- running around in the jungle at our Forest school academy amongst the children of the foundation. Children grow up and the only constant in life is change! 

At this point in my development (at 44 years old, after two bizarre years of lockdowns and a devastating growing need for our work), I realized the importance to reflect on my work, my life plus on my future plans for our foundation and the role of the next generation running it. We will continue to expand our impact and are actively calling for new connections and networks.

However, I want to also cherish my health and my newfound freedom now that a lot of my work has these two years proven manageable online. I want to learn to value and share stories of what I have built and learned. To also stand still, celebrate and be proud of what I have achieved. Even though I am mostly humbled by the work that lies ahead, I will always continue to expand my impact and serve children in need through our programs. 

I am looking forward to meeting many new people and partners on my path to change. And I am moving forward with these challenges and opportunities through the support of Business for Better Society and JT Coaching Certification. I would like to share my gratitude for the support of my professional executive coach through their amazing program Coaching for a Better Society. 

After three months in the program, I cannot begin to fully express how much I recommend it to other changemakers, founders and directors in the non-profit sector because business is a learnable skill just as is mindfulness!”