Partnering with Small to Medium Enterprises

There are a large number of smaller nonprofits that are in need of support from similarly sized organisations.

In this case, we work to support the creation of strong partnerships with nonprofits and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in a couple of unique ways. First, by acting initially as the CSR department and developing the rollout of initiatives for the SME. Secondly, through a mentorship program where we help with skills and knowledge transfer to create a CSR champion within the SME.

While each project is unique and requires a customised approach, below is a snapshot of our methodology:

  1. Creation of a CSR framework;
  2. Identification of short and long term strategic goals;
  3. Nonprofit identification from our vetted nonprofit organisation platform;
  4. Development of overall project including employee engagement, mentorship and internal capacity building, measurement metrics and project templates;
  5. Communication tools and strategy;
  6. Project debriefing and next steps.

BBS is pleased to support the efforts of organisations of all sizes with their CSR programs and objectives.

Our platform of vetted nonprofit organisations is continually growing and spans the globe. These nonprofits represent a vast range of causes around the world that are working hard to have a positive social impact and need financial and/or capacity building support from organisations like yours.

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