In 2023, Business for Better Society was selected as one of four recipients of the Hope in Crisis Grants, recognizing our efforts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Teaming up with the DR Congo registered non-profit, Remember Youth for Change, we successfully provided direct humanitarian emergency aid to 574 families, impacting nearly 4,000 individuals. Furthermore, we have laid the groundwork for several enduring community-building initiatives, aiming to support those affected by the violence, including former child soldiers.

This exclusive edition of Field Notes serves as a platform to share our comprehensive report, detailing the direct aid efforts and unveiling the specifics of our long-term initiatives.

Amidst ongoing civil unrest, our commitment to the DR Congo remains steadfast. While the world’s attention may be directed elsewhere, it is our sincere hope that we collectively remain focused on the unfolding situation in the region. As of the close of 2023, a staggering 6.9 million people have been displaced by conflict across the Congo, as reported by the United Nations migration agency, marking it as one of the largest displacement and humanitarian crises globally.