Volunteering takes many forms and in this post we’re delighted to share the experience of one of our G(irls) 20 volunteers, Ms. Jo Michie, in her words…

I have long been an admirer of the goals of BBS, so when one of the executives told me about the G(irls)20 scheme to get young women from all the G20 countries to connect and be assisted in becoming leaders in their own communities I was very interested.

Every year a Girls20 summit is held and 20 girls attend. This year the number of girls from around the world who applied for delegate status was 1600, and the applications had to be whittled down to a mere 20. I thought I could assist in that process.


The area that all the candidates I assessed came from was Pakistan, and I know there were other assessors covering more Pakistani applicants.


I was sent 21 application forms (+ video) that each candidate had sent in. I had to review and evaluate the applications according to set criteria, and after scoring them, select the top 2 candidates to go forward to the next part of the selection process.


The standard of the young women who applied was amazing, they were all exceptional in their various ways, all dedicated to working for a better society within their country, and to identifying and solving some of the problems faced by girls and women at the present time. I was blown away by their enthusiasm, dedication, commitment and ambition.


Selecting the ‘best’ two candidates from the 21 applications was extremely hard, they all had so much to offer.


I found the whole process of reading the applications immensely rewarding, with young people of this calibre in society the world can become a better place not only in their own nation, but in the world in general.


To be part of the assessment process was a wonderfully uplifting experience and I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to be of help.

To all the delegates of the 2019 Japan G(irls) 20 Global Leadership Summit, we wish you the very best!