We’re pleased to share this Mobility for Africa update, which demonstrates how their sucess and impact is growing one farmer at a time. To support their growth of Mobility for Africa, please give today by clicking here.

“Meet Selena, a dairy farmer from Chipinge, Zimbabwe. The Mobility for Africa team spoke to her yesterday during the milk collections.

Before using the Hamba “it took 45 minutes [each way] but that’s if I was really running” she laughed, “now it takes about 20 minutes but would be even less if the road was better”.

Selena brings 18 – 19 litres to collection every morning and about 10 litres in the evening. Before Hamba she said she would have left at least 8 litres at home every morning as it would be too much to carry.

As well as dairy farming with her 10 cattle and 4 calves, Selena is kept more than busy with her horticulture and poultry. In-between milk collections she needed to prepare her lands for the planting of her maize seed as well as managing sales of her broilers.

“I enjoy [the driving], it wasn’t hard to get used to [the Hamba]” she told us, which the MFA driving instructors agreed with saying she had taken to it very naturally.

Selena has also taken to supporting two other female dairy farmers who live near her. She transports them and their milk cannisters to collection when needed.”

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