As the Ukraine crisis continues to unfold, the mounting refugee crisis will require the support of the global community for a very long time to come.

BBS for over four years has supported the Norwegian non-profit A Drop in the Ocean, which since 2015 has provided services and support to refugees in Greece.  Their co-ordination and logistical expertise as well as their understanding of the emotional and physical needs of refugees fleeing conflict is now being used in Poland as they work in conjunction with Polish NGO’s.  While the volunteer requirements have been met, there’s an increasing need for funding.

100% of all donations made through the BBS dedicated page for A Drop in the Ocean will go to their on-the-ground support of those fleeing the Ukraine for Poland.

The BBS dedicated page for A Drop in the Ocean can be donated to by clicking here.

More Organisations for Donation Consideration

The list below is meant to provide a sense of the range of organisations that can be supported that focus on children, soldiers’ families, welcome centre for new arrivals in Poland, feeding the refugees, needed medical supplies, etc.

GlobalGiving ( Note:  GlobalGiving is registered in the US and UK and therefore able to provide official tax receipts to tax residents of these two countries.

UK’s Ukrainian Embassy has set up a direct plea (

International Rescue Committee (

On the ground in Kyiv, the Ukrainian NGO Come Back Alive is urging people to donate to democracy in their country (

International Red Cross (

Unicef is focused on children’s welfare, is accepting donations to ensure every displaced child receives the health, nutrition and water they deserve to sustain them (

Save the Children ( donations will go towards essential humanitarian aid, psychological support for children, winter and hygiene kits, educational access, and cash grants to families.

Revived Soldiers of Ukraine delivers humanitarian and medical aid to soldiers and their families, and those affected by military conflict (

Direct Relief ( is a Santa Barbara based organization that works to equip health professionals in resource-poor communities to meet the challenges of caring for people in need. Direct Relief received a list from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health of needed items, such as medications and mobile medical outreach packs with CAT-style tourniquets and bandages. Direct Relief has also received information indicating a dire need for tranexamic acid, which is used to control severe bleeding by blocking the breakdown of blood clots. They recently sent a large shipment of diabetic supplies and they are offering Ukrainian partners IV fluids, antibiotics, medications for anesthesia, sutures, and cardiovascular medication.

Global Empowerment Mission, also known as GEM, ( has established a welcome center in Medyka, Poland on the Ukraine border. The Welcome Center will serve as a relocation and aid center. Ukrainian evacuees can choose a country where they have family or friends that can take them in. Donations will assist in relocating thousands of women and children throughout Europe and funds will be used for booking and paying for immediate transportation.

World Kitchen Centre (!/donation/checkout) was started by chef Jose Andrés, World Central Kitchen is delivering warm meals to refugees and displaced people at various Ukraine border crossings. The initiative, originally delivering meals at a 24-hour border crossing, is preparing to support refugee accommodation centers in Poland and Romania.