Announcement of the new Mindfulness webinar on February 25, 2021

BBS is pleased to announce our first webinar for 2021, offered in conjunction with Bearapy.

2021 brings with it new opportunities – and continued challenges. Many of us spend energy to help those in need whilst juggling multiple roles and different demands from various stakeholders, not to mention the continued uncertainties in today’s world context. Many of us might put looking after our own minds to the bottom of the list and find ourselves burdened by feelings of stress.

How can we carry on with multiple challenges around us, and how can we take a little break for ourselves?

In this interactive webinar, we will look into the effects on our bodies and minds when confronted by stressors and explore one effective way of caring for ourselves – mindfulness-based meditation. We will:

  • Identify the physical and emotional reactions we have to feelings of stress, and some tools to alleviate that feeling
  • Explore the effectiveness of mindfulness-based meditation to support our and strengthen our health
  • Learn and experience meditation practices to anchor the habit.

Come ready to try it out for yourselves!

This event is free for anyone that works in the non-profit sector.  To register, please email