On June 21, 2021 BBS volunteer Vanessa Judelman, President of Mosaic People Development, faciliated a creative thinking session for the inaugural cohort of the Athari Group‘s accelerator program.

Taking real life issues that new non-profits face, Vanessa introduced the group to the Six Thinking Hats process and worked with them to understand the value of parallel thinking and how the process can be applied in different situations.  Six Thinking Hats is a process that has been used by major corporations such as DuPont and Prudential for years but the application to small teams and the non-profit world is significant.

Following the session, one of the participants shared that they were able to use the process the following day in a workplace meeting and it is truly wonderful to know that the group is already finding the process a valuable tool in their leadership toolkit!

On June 9, 2021 Dr Edward de Bono, the founder of the Six Thinking Hats, passed away but his work will have an impact in the non-profit world and the communities they serve for generations to come.

We want to extend a huge thank you to Ms. Judelman for volunteering her time and expertise in the accelerator program!

To meet the Athari Group’s cohort and learn about the incredible organisations they have started, please click here.