What an honour to be guiding this inspiring group of Leaders on their mindfulness journeys. In partnership with Business for Better Society (itself an inspirational platform for helping NGOs) I guided NGO leaders from Nigeria, Jordan, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo and Thailand through the eight week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Life program (MBCT-L, also known as the ‘Mindfulness for Life’ program) which has been developed by Oxford Mindfulness Foundation – www.oxfordmindfulness.org.

Their organisations are at the forefront of delivering essential mental health and well-being services and programs to their communities; providing education and medical care for underserved areas in Thailand, bringing mental wellness to communities in Nigeria and Africa, helping youth mental health through promoting and advocating well-being, resilience, fighting stigma, and, connecting them to mental health service providers in Jordan, working with vulnerable young people living with HIV and disabilities, and providing re-training and educational initiatives for former child soldiers.

It is hoped that through the MBCT-L program the participants come away with concrete strategies and tools enabling them to manage stress and providing them with greater capacity to work with the life challenges that they face in their communities. A big thank you to all the participants for their enthusiastic participation and to Business for Better Society for the work you do in connecting and supporting these pioneering organisations.

By Chris Cheung