The Canadian registered charity, Syrian Kids Foundation, announced this week that their school in Turkey is now recognized as a certified private Turkish school.

Due to past changes in Turkish laws, Al Salam has been considered a “Temporary Syrian School” which came with many limitations. After working hard on obtaining the license for three years the school has finally been recognized by The Turkish Ministry of Education under the name of Al Salam Center for Culture and Science “BARIŞ Kοşşοsel GELΟŞşοm KURSU”. This is a huge achievement as they’ve seen over 40 schools open and close around Al Salam in the past decade and yet their school persevered and was granted this recognition!

However, the Foundation also announced that Al Salam has a waitlist of over 200 students and has been carefully budgeting to work within its limits. Al Salam is urging donors internationally to support the momentum that it has and help change the lives of hundreds of Syrian children.

You can donate by giving through their dedicated BBS page by clicking here.