In the heart of Zambia, a beacon of hope has been shining since 2005. The Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development (CCCYD) has been tirelessly working to provide women, children, and orphans with the resources essential to pave the way for a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities. Their focus on nurturing the younger generation, developing entrepreneurship and vocational skills, and enhancing community prosperity has made a profound impact on the lives of many.

In their unwavering commitment to making a lasting difference, CCCYD has recently undergone a comprehensive update to their organisational profile. This update is more than just a mere refresh – it’s a reflection of their evolving mission, the challenges they face, and their priorities for the years ahead.


Empowering Through Opportunities: CCCYD’s Mission

At the core of CCCYD’s mission is the belief in providing opportunities and fostering the active involvement of the younger generation. They understand the pivotal role that education, vocational skills, and community development play in shaping the destiny of youth, orphans, and vulnerable children. Since their inception, CCCYD has been dedicated to creating a supportive environment where dreams can be nurtured and potential can be unleashed.

The Journey So Far: A Glimpse into CCCYD’s Achievements

CCCYD has achieved remarkable milestones over the years. From establishing educational initiatives to facilitating the development of entrepreneurial skills, they have been instrumental in creating a positive impact on countless lives. Their commitment to community enhancement and prosperity is evident in the transformative projects they’ve undertaken.

A Call to Action: Support CCCYD’s Expansion Plans

As CCCYD embarks on its journey into the future, one of their key goals is to expand their school to accommodate more students. This expansion is not just about bricks and mortar; it’s about opening doors to education and opportunities for more young minds.

To learn more about how you can be a part of CCCYD’s mission and contribute to their expansion plans, visit their Business for Better Society page clicking here.

The renewed profile of Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development is a testament to their enduring commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of the vulnerable in Zambia. As we invite you to explore their story, we also encourage you to consider how you can play a role in supporting their mission for a better and brighter tomorrow. Together, we can be catalysts for change and champions for a more compassionate and inclusive society.

📸 CCCYD, Zambia