Greetings from Uganda!

As the CEO of Business for Better Society (BBS), I am privileged to embark on a journey that not only broadens my horizons but also fills me with immense inspiration. It’s with great enthusiasm that I commence this series of blogs, aiming to share my experiences, lessons learned, and the remarkable individuals I encounter during my current trip to Uganda.

First stop: Sserinya Primary School in Sserinya, Uganda.

For the past five years, BBS has been dedicated to supporting Sserinya Primary School. Our efforts have ranged from establishing a library for eager readers, offering financial assistance during the challenging times of COVID-19, to repairing the borehole, ensuring the students have access to clean water.

Sserinya, nestled approximately 25 minutes outside of Masaka, embodies resilience amidst adversity. Traversing the road to Sserinya is an adventure itself and my introduction to an “African massage” due to its characteristic potholes and deep crevices formed from the rainy season.  Sserinya itself is a community primarily sustained by agriculture. Families here rely on crops like coffee beans, bananas, and vanilla beans for their livelihoods.

Initially, I intended to spotlight the school, its students, or some pressing needs in this inaugural blog. However, an encounter with an extraordinary group of individuals redirected my focus—the teachers.

These educators epitomize passion and dedication, tirelessly striving to provide the best education possible despite the scarcity of resources. They embody resilience, thinking innovatively to cultivate classrooms that inspire and empower students in fundamental subjects like science, math, and writing.

My time with this group of teachers, has me reflecting on my own educational journey, and I’m reminded of the teachers who left an indelible mark of my life.  From Mrs. Jones, my Grade 1 and 2 teacher who made learning a joyous adventure, to mentors who guided me through university, their influence endures.  Likewise, the students of Sserinya are fortunate to have such inspiring figures shaping their educational journey.

Having grown up in a rural community where grades shared a single room, I deeply appreciate the challenges these teachers overcome daily. Navigating the diverse needs and curricula of different grade levels demands remarkable skill and patience. Yet, the teachers of Sserinya do so effortlessly, fostering an environment where every child can thrive. Even after spending time with the energetic kindergarten class – the “big bosses” of the school – I am humbled by the dedication required at every level of education.

As a society, we must rally behind our teachers, acknowledging their invaluable contributions. They are the unsung heroes who mould the future generations, shaping tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. Sserinya is indeed blessed to harbour an exceptional cadre of educators—true unsung heroes.

In the forthcoming blogs, I anticipate delving deeper into the myriad facets of Sserinya Primary School and the transformative impact of our collective efforts. Until then, let us continue to celebrate and support the remarkable teachers shaping the future generation.

To contribute to school including teaching materials and aids for the teachers at Sserinya, please click here.