Supporting self-sustainable education through eco-tourism and farming in Thailand

Thai Child Development Foundation (TCDF) is an NGO striving to create a self sustainable school environment for 52 special needs students. Tropical hillsides for as far as the eye can see surround the foundation’s open-air school yard, which is supported by eco-tourism and bio-farming initiatives. This mix allows revenue to be directed to school operational costs and also enables students with disabilities to participate in highly interactive, skill-building and immersive learning experiences.

Fish farms, hen houses, aquaponic crops and a host of other agricultural endeavours can be found on the bustling property. Each of these initiatives provide learning opportunities for kids as they interact with nature. For example: carefully collecting chicken eggs develops fine motor skills; counting out spoonfuls of fish food employs basic maths; carrying heavy pails of vegetables as a team builds collaborative skills and helps strengthen degenerative muscle tissue…all the while, each of these skills also prepares kids to become valued and purpose-filled members of their communities when they graduate. Without this support, many TCDF students would be ostracised and abused in their communities, given no employable skills, and left home alone to deteriorate both mentally and physically. In the vibrant environment at TCDF, however, their futures look bright. These activities also provide food for the children and create additional revenue for the school operation.

To further support the school, TCDF has also built an eco-tourism yoga centre on its grounds which generates revenues through yoga retreats, serving home-grown organic meals, offering meditation classes, providing massages, and hosting magical, one-of-a-kind mind/body/spirit experiences for those looking to recharge their batteries. The farming and eco-tourism initiatives are the core of TCDF’s plan to become a self-funded, self-sustaining NGO; hopefully eliminating reliance on donations in the future.

Excited by this vision, BBS is proud to announce we recently sponsored TCDF’s new mushroom farm. We look forward to updating you on its delicious progress soon! In the meantime, the school has several other urgent projects awaiting adoption for those looking to make a meaningful difference in the lives of its incredible kids. If you or your business are looking to contribute to a cause with real impact – both on children and the planet – contact us to donate skills or financial support and be a part of their inspiring mission!

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