In the rural landscape of Uganda, a story of collaboration unfolds, narrated by the joint efforts of MTN Uganda, the MTN Uganda Foundation, and Bega kwa Bega, under the auspices of Business for Better Society (BBS). In this blog post we’re delighted to introduce these entities and a project that has brought clean and safe to many, marking a milestone in community empowerment and environmental stewardship.

MTN Uganda, a subsidiary of the multinational telecommunications group MTN Group, is the largest telecom company in Uganda. With a vision to lead digital solutions for Africa’s progress, MTN Uganda has been pivotal in connecting people, fostering inclusion, and driving sustainable development. The company’s commitment to social responsibility is reflected in its ESG efforts, which have earned it the top spot again in the ‘Brand Africa 100: Best Brands’ survey and recognition for its positive impact on society, people, and the environment.

Bega kwa Bega, meaning “Shoulder to Shoulder” in Swahili, is a charity that has been a cornerstone in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda since 1998. The organisation champions children’s rights, water-sanitation, health, agriculture, and education. With over 250 clean water sources provided, Bega kwa Bega has been a lifeline for communities, ensuring access to safe water and a brighter future.

The Village’s Water Source “Before”

Through the support and funding from the MTN Uganda Foundation, four new water springs now serve as lifelines to hundreds of villagers plus a school with over 400 students. This initiative has been transformative, providing clean water that is essential for health, education, and overall well-being. The springs symbolise a leap towards sustainability and resilience for the communities they serve.

It was BBS that catalysed this partnership, connecting the MTN Uganda Foundation to Bega kwa Bega. BBS’s role has been instrumental in aligning MTN’s resources with the needs of the Ugandan charity, showcasing the power of strategic networking in achieving social goals.

The provision of clean water is a fundamental human right and a critical component of sustainable development. For the villagers and students, these water springs mean reduced disease, improved education outcomes, and a step towards economic independence. Clean water is not just a resource; it’s the foundation of life and prosperity.

As MTN Uganda continues to lead as an African brand dedicated to ‘doing good,’ its partnership with Bega kwa Bega, facilitated by BBS, stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration. Together, they are not only providing clean water but also weaving a tapestry of shared value and a sustainable future for all.

This blog post is a tribute to how strategic partnerships and a commitment to social responsibility can create ripples of positive change across communities and beyond.

📸 Bega kwa Bega