During this critical time in the Afghanistan peace process, we wanted to share the press release for an important new book which we were delighted to receive a copy of.  BBS supports several projects in Afghanistan including a literacy program in the Wakhan Corridor that in 2020 saw the graduation of over 50 adults in the literacy program and libraries built in 6 villages.

The Heart of Asia Society and Kakar History Foundation are pleased to also announce the publication of Dari-Pashto Edited Volume, titled The Afghans’ Pursuit of Peace, Edited by Zarin Anzoor and Khalilullah Afzali with a Foreword by Lakhdar Brahimi.

The volume includes 11 essays written by former and current members of the then Afghan government and its opposing parties, members of the current peace negotiation team, the civil society, and scholars from across Afghanistan and the Afghan diaspora.

You can access the eBook version via www.kakarfoundation.com and www.heartofasiasociety.org.